Communication is all about strategy. And this requires grasping the complex workings of the digital or offline ecosystems where we communicate with each other. Based on our long expertise in the direction of communication projects, we can help with the planning and timely implementation of your strategy. Our work is measurable and objective-driven!

Communication plans




Media & public relations

Communication plans

If you have a communication goal, we will make sure you reach it. As part of our consulting services, we can help you fine-tune your objectives, identify target audiences and suitable channels, and ultimately design different actions as part of a comprehensive communication plan.

We can then help you performing the plan with our wide expertise in multiformat communication, as well as assessing the completion of its objectives through metrics recording and analysis. No matter how ambitious your communication goal is, we are up to it!

Creative campaigns

Sometimes communication can do much better with some creativity. Tell us about your needs and our multidisciplinary team will come up with the most innovative solution to help you achieve your goals. Let us mingle your science and the advertising world into a unique campaign to spread your message and inspire your audience!

Social media

To extract all the flavour to social media, you need a clear strategy. We will help you draw an action plan and an efficient management routine for your social profiles, create customised and creative content using multiple formats and use advanced analytics to monitor and improve the performance. Don’t get lost in the online crowd and let your voice stick up!

Data analysis

We are surrounded by data. The question is what to do with it. These days everything in social media can be tied to multiple parameters that may hold an important insight for our communication actions. Let us dive into these data and we’ll come up with simple, actionable knowledge: our stakeholder mapping will help you understand current and prospective audiences, and our directed growth service we will make sure you reach them. Put the data to work for you!

Media and public relations

Achieving your communication goals requires a strong network of influence. This includes professional stakeholders as well as the media. But activating your network requires a long-lasting effort to keep a consistent identity and to cultivate solid relationships. We can help you in this by looking after your professional network through effective representation and interlinking with the press through our extensive contact database of science journalists. Let us be the fifth Beatle of your institution and boost your impact!