Our fifth anniversary comes with a brand new logo!

Companies change over time and, as living beings, they need to adapt to an everchanging environment. And when a company is as young as ours, internal evolution is also a strong driving force. That’s why rebrandings happen: to show to the world that you’ve changed. And we wanted to show you the “how” and “why” behind our new visual identity.

Five years is a long time. And, although we are very proud of our initial logo, there has been plenty of time to use it for very different purposes, and thus witness some of its limitations. For example: our bulb couldn’t stand alone without the “scienseed” underneath. To try to give more independence to the imagotype (the bulb) we had to readjust its E-class dimensions a bit and turn it into a modern low consumption bulb. It’s not only for us, it’s for the Earth’s sake too!

So, we have shortened the test tube and calmed its turbulent waters a bit, which better reflect the current stability of the company. And yes, you have seen it well, so much change has affected the bubbles too! This is because we needed to expand our corporate language a bit. Now, the shape of a triangle, a rectangle, and a circle reflect our multiformat essence much better. But of course, more language also means the need for more colours: so here’s a brand new base color and three new secondary ones. You can’t get any more versatile than this! Do you see now how well the bulb stands alone without text?

But let’s get serious and face the elephant in the room: there was no way that even our best clients, partners, collaborators would spell out our name correctly. It’s our fault, we know it’s not the most intuitive. Science seed. Scienceseed. Sciseed. They’ve been calling our all sorts of names! So, we had to help a little bit from the logo design… Is it clearer now? And it’s fantastic to read anything written with ubuntu, a much more open and technological typeface in comparison to the previous one.

We hope you like our new identity; we have already started playing with it and we feel very comfortable in this new skin! We are looking forward to seeing how it adapts to our near future. Nobody knows what will happen, but our ecosystem is richer every day. The science communication arena is growing all over Europe! And we are growing with it!