Join our growing team!

Since it was founded in 2014, Scienseed has been a fast-growing company with an increasingly more diverse and specialised team. If you are looking for a leap in your professional development, this is your place. Join a young and dynamic team, and get ready to scratch your head and face the next big science communication challenge!

PS: Friendly team. Flexible work schedule. No overtime hours.

Open positions are detailed below. Regardless, we will be happy to receive your application at any time, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet you! Please send us a cover letter and your CV and get ready for an exciting career in Scienseed! 

Scicomm department

Copywriting, strategy & creativity!

Depending on the day, we are journalists, scriptwriters, video directors, event planners, outreach officers or copywriters—different mindsets to explore all available narratives and to put them at the service of communicating technical information. We also measure impact, do research, and publish papers. Thus, many hats for brains divided into creativity and strategy!

  • Are you looking for work experience in science communication? Apply for an internship at our department, check all the info here!
  • Currently, there are no other open positions available in this department. Anyway, we will be happy to receive your application at careers.scicomm[at]
  • Future interests: We foresee a data analyst with experience in programming.
Design department

Design thinking, development & innovation

Have you ever wondered how bacteria look? Or how a thruster for space platforms works? These are just some examples of our daily visual explanations. It may sound difficult for a designer, but working hand in hand with science experts can be an exciting and rewarding experience. From the design department, we help to achieve the best visual solution for each challenge, looking for the most suitable format for each story. We develop motion graphics, scientific illustrations, infographics and websites amongst many other ways of visualising information. If any of these is your forte, drop us a line and make the design department grow with your creativity!

  • Currently, there are no open positions available in this department. Anyway, we will be happy to receive your application at[at]
  • Future interests: In future months we foresee a full stack web developer with experience in both front and back-end web development.
Projects department

Vision, planning & coordination

Our job is to find the best ingredients, help planning the recipe and oversee the whole cooking process of our science communication projects. We prepare solid proposals for clients in different sectors and for European Commission research calls. We design work-plans and coordinate the execution of projects, looking out for a smooth internal production together with the creative team, while ensuring timely deliveries and good client relations. If you would like to experience the workings of a growing company, participate throughout the whole project cycle and help us bring science communication one step further, this is your place!

  • Are you pursuing a career in project management? Apply for a junior position in our department, check all the info here!
  • Future interests: In the next few months we will be opening an internship for an accounts officer.