How to promote the use of a standard

One of the pillars of synthetic biology is standardization. Using defined elements with an agreed terminology is key to reconcile genetic engineering to real engineering. When applying standardization to work with bacteria, plasmids are the thing. And this is what SEVA is about. In this project, we designed a distinctive visual identity, developed a user-friendly web platform, a comprehensive database search utility, and an interactive plasmid inspection tool to explore all the features. Currently, we are developing a social media strategy to foster worldwide implementation!

  • Client: Victor de Lorenzo. National Center of Biotechnology (Spain)

  • Year: 2019

  • Format: Website, interactive content, graphic design (visual identity), social media

  • Language: English

  • Link: SEVA Website

Corporate identity

  • Our role: Graphic design (visual identity)

Website & interactive content

  • Format: Website and interactive content

  • Our role: Content curation, UX/UI design and development

  • Link: SEVA Website