Mink Mapp

Smartphones for mink control

When you have an invasive species that is decimating the populations of native species, what can you do? According to the Mink Mapp project, organise, act quickly and decisively. In the UK, non-native American minks (Neovison vison) roam free and predate fish, birds and other mammals. Mostly water voles, whose populations have crashed dramatically. To help bring together mink control projects across the UK, and coordinate efforts to eradicate mink, we created an online platform showcasing an App – the MinkMAap – that gives projects a safe and secure system to update data and team up. Our little grain of sand to give water voles a chance.

  • Project website: Mink Mapp project

  • Year: 2020
  • Our role: Content curation, web development.

  • Language: English

Corporate identity

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