Madonna EU project

Reversing the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Yes, you read it right! Believe it or not, this is what the Madonna H2020 project is all about. You can figure out our faces when we read the project proposal. Because at the university, we learnt that DNA is transcribed into RNA and then translated into proteins. But we’ve never heard of anyone trying to reverse this process! The project was incredible, close-to-science-fiction, and… almost impossible to translate into branding materials!

Logo and website design are often the most challenging tasks in a communication strategy. They are founded on the basis of what brands are, a necessary definition that comes before anything else. And this is not easy. It involves a deep reflection to distill the hallmarks, values and concepts behind a company, institution, project, etc. With this, we then have to concentrate these on minimal but highly functional design that will be the visual identity, and after adding some content and structure to it, in the website. Imagine doing that for a project that goes against our understanding of life? This is how we did it.

Corporate identity

  • Our role: Logo design and applications


  • Format: WordPress CMS

  • Our role: Content curation from project proposal, design and development