The identity behind the most innovative conference

At the beginning of their career, young researchers set out on a quest for discovery, holding onto the promise that the collaborative effort of science can make the world a better place. But there is one big obstacle: the isolation of the academic world. This is the founding context for ENABLE, one of our first and most ambitious European projects.

Involving different academic institutions and coordinated by IRB Barcelona, ENABLE is a series of events that aim to break the isolation of academia from within, opening up to other scientific fields, to industry and to society. The project is built through a bottom-up approach: it is led by PhD students, the scientists of the future, the only possible drivers of this cultural change!

The stakes were very high to create a solid and memorable identity that could be translated into the virtually endless conference materials. This is how we did it.

ENABLE is one of the most ambitious initiatives we’ve ever been a part of.

  • Client: ENABLE H2020 project

  • Year: 2016-2019

  • Format: Visual identity, print materials (merchandising)

  • Our role: Content curation from project proposal, script, storyboard, animation, content writing, graphic design, infographics

  • Language: English

  • Link: Website