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“Cuéntaselo a tus padres”

An outreach contest. 3 bold spots full of biochemistry.

The Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM) realised the involvement of young scientists in its activities was very low. That is why we were commissioned with an innovative and fresh campaign that would engage the youngest public to join the Society. We proposed to organise a science outreach contest called “Tell your parents” in which university students would explain a scientific concept in just 2 minutes.

As a central part of the contest, we come up with some quite humorous scripts, organised auditions for actors, and produced promotional spots that were widely shared online. And we couldn’t have had more fun! The contest run for 3 consecutive years with a great engagement of students of scientific disciplines, leading to a big sign up to the SEBBM. The circle was closed!

  • Client: Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular (SEBBM)

  • Year: 2015-2016-2017

  • Format: Creative campaigns, video, graphic design, social media, press

  • Our role: Creative Idea, conceptualization, overall campaign development (contest organisation, graphic design, video production, web, social media, press, public relations)

  • Language: Spanish