Project Description

¿Qué es el cáncer? CNIO & The City CNIO & The City ¿Qué hacer para dedicarse a la investigación? CNIO & The City Cómo se trabaja en un centro de investigación CNIO & The City Del laboratorio a la farmacia CNIO & The City Historia del cáncer CNIO & The City #YoRompoTechoCristal CNIO & The City Factores de riesgo del cáncer
CNIO & The City

Bringing cancer research closer to young students

What is cancer? How was it discovered? How to become a scientist? How does a cancer research centre work? Driven by the curiosity of young people, this series of animations tried to give easy answers to these complex questions. In collaboration with CNIO, we tried to foster scientific vocations with these accessible and fun communication tools!