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In the digital age, we collaborate with many clients all over the world. No matter where you are, we can help you take your science one step further.

Experts in EU projects

We lead the communication strategies of large research and innovation projects. Benefit from our experience in winner proposals and successful project executions as part of European Commission calls.

EU Funding

Good communication has become an intrinsic part of successful research EU projects. A solid strategy is key to have a research idea funded and to ensure innovations make it beyond the academic arena. And this is what we can help you with. Let us spice up your proposal with an always unique communication and dissemination plan, and we’ll see each other at the Kick-Off meeting!





Our Role

We have a wide variety of skills to complement your proposal at many different levels; from leading a communication and dissemination work package, to supporting the more technical tasks.

Communication and dissemination

We design, coordinate and execute a comprehensive plan adapted to the different stages of the project and tailored to diverse stakeholders.

App design and gamification

We can fulfill high technical needs in IT for research projects from conceptualization to full development of apps and web-based visualization tools.

Stakeholder training and engagement

In projects with practical applications we can generate training tools to help transform research outcomes into actionable knowledge for professionals of different fields.

Support to exploitation actions

We are the perfect companion to the business strategies of high-TRL projects through our stakeholder mapping, public relations and marketing approaches.

Is communication the missing piece of your research project?

Success Stories


I-React was a 3-year-innovation project to counteract natural disasters through big data and cibertechnologies. It ended in May 2019. Check it out to see how we helped make this project one of the most successful in the area.

Ongoing projects


Integrating native biodiversity into farming practices to achieve sustainability.
+ Project’s website


Unleashing the potential of enzymes for more sustainable consumer products.
+ Project’s website


Creating tailored microbial consortia to optimise biogas production.
+ Project’s website


Improving European wildfire management with evidence-based strategies.
+ Project’s website

Past projects


Engineering synthetic bacterial lipid rafts to optimise biotech processes.
+ Project’s website


The first European network for PhD students and postdocs.
+ Project’s website


Electronics printed on paper for a greener future.
+ Project’s website

New Deal

Using siRNA & nanotechnology to design better therapies for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
+ Project’s website


Improving biodiversity and human well-being through inclusive conservation.
+ Project’s website