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Junior Graphic Designer

You can be passionate about working in creative agencies that handle major shopping centers, top retail brands, or the beverages you enjoy in your leisure time.

At Scienseed, we do none of that.

We are dedicated to exploring new ways of communicating climate change to policymakers. We explain through animations how to create bacteria that can detect landmines or run a cinema positioning campaign on the future of biomedicine.

As you can see on our website, we are a cutting-edge creative agency specializing in scientific content, working in communication, advertising, and marketing. We undertake small projects lasting a couple of weeks to large projects spanning several years. Our clients include major foundations, research centers, and technological start-ups aiming to showcase their latest research.

Currently, we are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer to strengthen our design team. Your role will involve close collaboration with our design team, contributing to the creation of visually impactful content, with a focus on web design and logo development. We are looking for someone passionate about these areas, with fresh ideas and the ability to transform creative concepts into exceptional visual pieces.

What are we looking for?

We would like the person joining our team to have:

  • Experience: While we don’t require extensive years of experience, it is important that you have some prior experience in this field. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is crucial. You’ll be able to assist us effectively if you already have a good grasp of the profession and can handle various tasks without any mishaps.
  • Curiosity: Our team is small, and we deal with incredibly interesting content. Both factors provide ample opportunities for innovation, and you’ll enjoy the journey more if you are naturally curious.
  • Organization: The ability to work on multiple projects, dealing with deadlines and priorities efficiently. In other words, we need someone organized and responsible.
  • Intelligence and Creativity: Visual communication is not a dull and repetitive job. Each project, client, and person is unique, and we seek individuals with resourcefulness who relish the idea of not doing the same thing every day.
  • Design Skills: Having experience or a strong interest in visual identities and web design (mainly in WordPress) is vital. If you’re eager to learn and grow in a creative environment, this is your place.
  • Good level of English and Spanish: Most of our clients are international, and some of our team members are as well. It would be advantageous if you are versatile and can understand and speak in different languages.
  • Additionally, we highly value: Passion for photography, science, cinema, etc., with a discerning eye: Having good taste and staying up to date adds significant value.

What do we offer?

Join a pioneering agency that is growing and leading the sector. We are a young company with diverse and interesting people from various backgrounds, including those with experience in editorial work, agencies, laboratories, and both small and large enterprises. Our team is genuinely multidisciplinary.

We provide a flexible schedule and a predictable 7.5-hour workday. You’ll know when you start and when you finish. Oh, and two other flexible aspects: vacation time and remote work options.

We offer a 22,000 euros gross annually.

The application is temporarily closed