Guzmán Sánchez Co-founder / Scientific Manager

Guzmán holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and has an extensive research experience in the study of cell signalling, which he carried out at the University of Leeds (UK), Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (Spain), University of Montreal (Canada), University of Leicester (UK) and the Max-Planck Institute (Germany). He is an skilled writer of scientific literature and an enthusiastic communicator. In parallel, he has specialized in science dissemination with a particular focus in exploring the science/society interphase, collaborating with different media such as Periodismo Humano, and Mapping Ignorance.

Lucas Sánchez Co-founder / Creative Director

Lucas holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and has a dilated research experience working on the development of vaccines against Third World Diseases at the National Center of Biotechnology (Spain) and Yale School of Medicine (USA). He is a widely recognized science communicator that has collaborated with different newspapers (Público, Materia), radios (Radio Nacional de España), dissemination platforms (Naukas, Mapping Ignorance), blogs (Sonicando, Naukas), universities (UPV, UPB and UIMP) and science museums.

Jesús Fernández Motion Grapher

Jesús holds a BA in Graphic design and an MA in Motion Graphics production and development at CICE. He has long experience in branding, animation, web and graphic design and audiovisual projects. As a cinema fan, he is always exploring new ways to join both passions into every new project.

Estela Cepeda Science Communicator

Estela graduated in Biology at Universidad Complutense in Madrid with a double major in Medical Biology and Biotechnology. She holds a PhD in Genetics and has wide research experience in mitochondrial genetics and its implication in aging and disease, which she carried out at the Cluster of Excellence in Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases (CECAD) from the University of Cologne (Germany). She has always been actively involved in international organisations for the dissemination of culture and science as well as in advocacy groups for Human Rights. She is an eager learner with a passion for photography and experience in scientific writing, digital branding, public engagement and project management.

Beatriz Sevilla Science Communicator

Beatriz is a last year Physics student at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with more than three years of experience in the field of science communication. She has written several articles and delivered talks in science outreach platforms and events (Naukas, Passion for Knowledge). She is an avid student and user of social network dynamics with the purpose of science outreach. She is also particularly interested in how gender affects scientific careers.

Juan José Sáenz de la Torre Science Communicator
Juan José holds a Physics Degree at the University of Zaragoza and a Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication at Pompeu Fabra University. He has multidisciplinary experience in science writing and editing for magazines and web pages, development of content for planetariums and translation of science articles for magazines. He is an active learner with a keen interest in science communication through social media.
Rosa Narváez Ferre Video & Art Specialist

Rosa graduated in Advertising and PR at Universidad Complutense in Madrid and specialized in Art Direction at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London). As a Social Media Strategist and Digital Art Director she has a wide experience in the digital field. She has managed several interdisciplinary projects and applied her knowledge in photography and design to build creative solutions and interactive strategies through the adoption of new standards for online marketing and communication .

Pablo Sánchez Fdez Filmmaker

Pablo graduated in Media Studies at Universidad Complutense in Madrid and specialized in Creative Advertising at Miami Ad School. He has worked and collaborated in several short films and spots, including the awarded “1700”. He also has extensive experience in creative advertising, branding and graphic design, areas in which he has been awarded at several international competitions such as D&AD, Young Glory and CdeC.