Service for real-time data ranking in the IBI area
for emergency responders and SAR operators.

How can we improve emergency response at sea?

  • Service overview

    • IBISAR provides real-time information of the most accurate ocean current forecast in the Iberia-Biscay-Ireland (IBI) regional seas.

    • IBISAR facilitates decision-making to Search and Rescue (SAR) operators and emergency responders, ensuring our seas are safer and cleaner.

Effective response needs the most accurate data  

  • Copernicus Marine Service products used

  • Usefulness of Copernicus Marine Service information

In-situ observations will be used to estimate errors in near-real time of the current forecast outcomes, using easily interpretable metrics.

This service is generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information

 IBISAR: accurate data in 3 steps

1. Simulates trajectories using available forecast models

2. Compares simulated trajectories
vs. real drifters

3. Ranks models based on their performance

Benefits of the service

User-friendly service with

Single access point

Regularly updated database

Easily interpretable metrics of accuracy

IBISAR complements decision-making suppor tools

Improve search & rescue and pollution control operations

Minimize response time

Optimize search area planning

Allocate resources effectively


  • Operational oceanography demands accurate NRT operational data delivery and model forecasts to support marine response and crisis management.

  • Copernicus Marine Service products are crucial to support Marine Safety & Environmental Protection.

  • The key over-arching concern of many targeted users is the impact on decision-making of inaccurate data .

  • SAR operators need user-friendly automated skill assessment.

Key numbers

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